Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our Harbour Landing Village village culture embraces the diversity and unique needs of our residents, staff, and the community. Our unique Village concept provides the opportunity to live with purpose in a welcoming environment – blending families, children, seniors, staff, and volunteers – encouraging engagement, ensuring equal opportunities and respect for all individuals, and social interaction between generations. We actively work to build a sense of belonging and acceptance within our community by recognizing and celebrating cultures and actively organize events, such as Mosaic and Diwali, to learn and appreciate culture. Our Group Home on site ensures everyone feels respected and valued by creating an accessible and inclusive community that implements various measures to remove physical barriers.

DE&I Commitment

We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community that celebrates the uniqueness of every individual.

Our Commitment to Diversity

We recognize that diversity encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, abilities, and cultures. We embrace diversity as a cornerstone of our community, valuing the richness it brings to our interactions and relationships.

Our Dedication to Equity

Equity is a fundamental principle at Harbour Landing Village. We strive to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources, regardless of their background or identity. Through fair policies, practices, and decisions, we are committed to creating an environment where all can thrive.

Our Pursuit of Inclusion

Inclusion is about more than just representation; it’s about creating an environment where each person feels valued, heard, and empowered to contribute their best. We actively seek to foster a culture of belonging, where diverse voices are not only welcomed but celebrated.

Our Diverse Community

Our unique Village concept provides the opportunity to live with purpose in a welcoming environment – blending families, children, seniors, staff, and volunteers – encouraging engagement and social interaction between generations.

Our Senior Residents

We recognize the inherent worth and dignity in every resident. Fostering an inclusive environment allows residents to feel valued and acknowledged for their unique identity and experiences. We adopt a person-centered approach that recognizes individuals by their own unique values or needs. Several of our residents have physical or cognitive impairments that may reflect their abilities to participate in activities, however, we prioritize mitigating or eliminating these barriers so that each resident feels valued and embraces individual well-being, overall happiness, quality of life and enriching the environment of our residents.

Our Childcare & Preschool

We believe that every child deserves a learning environment where they can thrive, regardless of their background or abilities. Harbour Landing Village prides itself on providing high-quality child care in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment that support the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of children. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Community Living Group Home

We strive to embrace individual differences by identifying abilities and needs for each resident. We celebrate and value the diversity of backgrounds, culture, and abilities among residents. We ensure that all residents have equal opportunities for growth, development. and participating in activities. We provide accessible facilities, adaptive equipment, and support tailed to individual needs. Our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our Community Living Group Home is crucial for creating a supportive and empowering environment.

Our Team

A diverse workforce brings diverse perspectives, collaboration, experiences, and ideas which can bring a wide range of insights, lead to innovative and creative ideas and an overall better environment. Inclusive environments also improve employee engagement and productivity. Harbour Landing Village finds that a community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion can lead to a higher level of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. When employees feel valued, respected, and supported, they are more likely to be motivated, productive and loyal to our community.

We deeply respect the richness of different cultures and traditions. Harbour Landing Village values cultural diversity and is committed to learning from one another, embracing varied customs, languages, and heritage to create a tapestry of unity within our community.

  • Canada


    Cultures intertwine under northern lights,
    Unity in diversity, a nation’s might.

  • India

    A land of myriad tales and hues,
    Diverse unity, where hearts fuse.



  • Bangladesh


    Bengal’s mosaic, vibrant and true,
    In diversity’s embrace, we grew.

  • Philippines

    Archipelago of cultures, dance and song,
    Together we stand, diverse and strong.



  • Nigeria


    From north to south, a tapestry wide,
    Unity through diversity, side by side.

  • Mauritius

    In Indian Ocean’s embrace, we reside,
    Diverse heritage, our source of pride.



  • Zambia


    Sunset hues on diverse landscapes gleam,
    Unity’s anthem, a shared dream.

  • Romania

    Carpathian spirit, history’s guide,
    Diverse hearts beat with Romanian pride.



  • Ukraine


    In Ukraine’s family, diverse and true,
    Together we thrive, in all that we do.

  • Thailand

    Amidst Thailand’s beauty, diverse and bright,
    In unity’s grace, we take flight.



  • Mexico


    From deserts to coasts, cultures unfold,
    In Mexico’s mosaic, stories untold.

  • Afghanistan

    Land of history, diverse and strong,
    In Afghanistan’s unity, we all belong.



  • Pakistan


    From mountains to plains, cultures unite,
    Pakistan’s diversity, a beacon of light.

  • Peru

    Inca heritage, traditions so pure,
    Peru’s diverse tapestry, we all adore.



  • China


    From the Great Wall to the Yangtze’s flow,
    China’s diversity, a harmonious glow.

  • Japan

    From cherry blossoms to ancient artistry,
    Japan’s diversity, a tapestry of unity.



  • Jamica


    Amidst vibrant rhythms and cultural blend,
    In unity’s chorus, as staff, we ascend.

We believe that diversity is not just a reflection of society but a source of strength. We celebrate the unique backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of our residents, team members, and community.

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