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Harbour Landing Village knows our employees are our most valued resource and we want you to be a part of our story. We are looking for dedicated employees who thrive on being a part of a united team, set goals and commit to a plan, strive to be the best they can be, and enjoy celebrating success. Working together, we promote a culture of camaraderie and mutual respect. We respect diversity and continually strive towards inclusion. Want to be a part of the Village? Contact us!

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What Makes Us Unique

  • Intergenerational

    Research shows that inter-generational settings can lead to increased engagement, socialization, improved physical health, and emotional support for seniors and children alike. Activities such as ‘Story time at the Village’ and Baking Club are just a couple of opportunities we offer for residents to share their wisdom and encourage mutual cross-generational sharing of talents, skills, experiences, and energy.

  • Family Events

    When you select The Village as your childcare provider, you become part of a bigger community. Throughout the year we host family focused events and activities. It’s an opportunity for our childcare families to spend time together, meet and greet with other families and our residents.

  • Community

    Harbour Landing Village values the importance of community. We are proud to partner with the South Regina Community Associations, local organizations and independent wellness professionals to offer unique programs and special events to children, the community, and the public at large.

What our team has to say about working at the Village:

Easy going co-workers and everyone are nice to each other. A lot of interaction and opportunities to other people. Opportunity to learn new things. And fun workplace to work.

The general overall experience was great. The clients I worked with were the most loving people I had ever met. I loved the staff on my floor they were dedicated hard working beautiful people.

I constantly feel valued in the work that I do within Harbour Landing Village. Management is free from judgement, approachable, and super supportive! I absolutely love how all departments collaborate on a daily basis, truly demonstrating the intergenerational aspect of The Village!

Working at Harbour Landing Village has been an incredibly rewarding experience and is great place for a young professional to grow in their career. The team is always willing to help you learn and grow. The culture is fast-paced and a good fit for someone who is looking for an engaging place to work.

I work for Harbour Landing Village and more specifically, the Roots Kitchen & Bar. The entire staff there is very friendly and helpful with any of my work needs. HR really is helpful with any questions I have. Also, the kitchen staff are really nice, especially the head chef. The best part of working at Roots Kitchen & Bar is the daily interactions with the residences. You know each other by name and it’s very nice to see familiar faces daily.

We have such a wonderful team in programming at Harbour Landing Village. We are given so much support and encouragement by others in the team, and those in management. Everyone who works there is very positive, which is so nice to see especially for our residents.

Every day you see great examples of staff and management collaborating, not only within departments, but across the building. It’s very apparent that all the employees that work at The Village truly care about the residents that live there. It’s a fast-paced, positive and fun work environment!

I would highly recommend working for Harbour Landing Village. From the time I started with this brand new company until now, the growth has been great. Roots Kitchen and Bar Inside the Village has a great serving staff, backed by an excellent culinary team, this has made it a destination spot for great brunches, dinners, catering, and everyday dining. Everyone works together and has fun at the same time. The upper management have passion that they pass down the chain to all staff. They encourage development and positivity. Everyone collaborates and works as one village helping each department grow. All the staff are friendly.

It’s a fast paced environment but the job is very rewarding. Lots of different departments and teams, potential to rise up, good collaboration and never a dull moment. I enjoy getting to know the residents and my co-workers. We are all part of one team, working together to provide an excellent experience for our residents, families and customers.

Felt like I was a part of the team from the moment i walked into the building. The staff care truly about the residents, and about each other. The management are open, communicative, and collaborative. They treat us like valued employees!

It was a very good experience working at Harbour Landing Village. I explored the culture and enhanced my skills while working here. the working environment was quite comfortable and relaxing, not over burdened.