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Located inside Harbour Landing Village, our licensed Childcare Centre offers an environment that encourages collaboration, communication, and exploration. Our Certified Early Childhood Educators provide children from six weeks to 12 years old with the building blocks for personal development. Through play and exploration, we teach respect, kindness, and teamwork in a state-of-the-art facility, equipped with high quality furnishing, ample natural light and beautiful outdoor play areas. Full and part-time spots are available, as well as seasonal camps.

Now !

Summer Camp

1st – 31st July,  1st – 31st August 

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Harbour Landing village
4000 James Hill Rd
Regina, SK

  • July

    Sports & Active Play

    Join us this July for fun outdoor activities, sports field trips, water play, and cultural learnings!

  • August

    Music, Arts & Science

    Explore art, science, and creative hands-on-activities and exciting field trips!


    Music, Arts & Science

Regular Rate:
June 1 – July 1
$1100.00/ month

Early Bird Rate:
April 1 – May 31
$950.00/ month
$1800.00/ rate of 2 Month

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Harbour Landing village
4000 James Hill Rd
Regina, SK


Harbour Landing Village Childcare Centre is a licensed daycare facility providing care for children from infant to preschool ages with 81 full-time spots. Harbour Landing Village Childcare Centre is regulated and monitored by the Ministry of Education and maintains specific standards, including:

  • staff are required to be certified Early Childhood Educators, or in the process of obtaining their certification;
  • maintaining a proper child-to-caregiver ratio based on the age of the child;
  • following recommendations by Early Learning and Child Care Consultants; and
  • undergoing regular checks and annual license review

Harbour Landing Village Childcare Centre also provides unlicensed Before & Aftercare for 35 school-age children.


Our early learning programs are based on explorative, dramatic and creative play in order to develop and stimulate the children’s abilities as they grow socially, physically, intellectually and spiritually. It is an environment based on trust and respect where the child develops a sense of self, belonging and self-worth in a culturally sensitive setting. Children will see themselves and their interests reflected as they are invited to investigate, explore and play in a flexible environment. We foster independence and decision-making skills as the children are viewed as competent and capable members of society.

Learning Approach

Our educators guide learning experiences through interest-based program planning. A variety of approaches are harnessed to engage a play-based environment including project- based learning, open-ended materials, experiential and creative opportunities. Educators are encouraged to allow the children to explore materials and try to step back when children are creating.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Intergenerational

    Research shows that inter-generational settings can lead to increased engagement, socialization, improved physical health, and emotional support for seniors and children alike. Activities such as ‘Story time at the Village’ and Baking Club are just a couple of opportunities we offer for residents to share their wisdom and encourage mutual cross-generational sharing of talents, skills, experiences, and energy.

  • Family Events

    When you select The Village as your childcare provider, you become part of a bigger community. Throughout the year we host family focused events and activities. It’s an opportunity for our childcare families to spend time together, meet and greet with other families and our residents.

  • Community

    Harbour Landing Village values the importance of community. We are proud to partner with the South Regina Community Associations, local organizations and independent wellness professionals to offer unique programs and special events to children, the community, and the public at large.


Our childcare menu is designed following the Canadian Food Guide. Our food is sourced locally with seasonal ingredients chosen at the peak of freshness. Our dedicated internal culinary director ensures all aspects of our food offerings are executed with the highest quality standards.

Hours of Operation

Our Childcare Centre is open 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday to Friday and closed on all Statutory Holidays. Our Centre may close on Boxing Day at management’s discretion, but informed by parent need.


A non-refundable $200 registration fee, per child, is required upon enrollment in our centre to hold your space. This amount is put towards your first month’s fees.

Monthly Fees (Effective September 2020)
Age GroupRateGovernment Grant AmountParent Amount
Kinder (under 6)$637.50$420$217.50
Kinder (over 6)$653.43$0$653.43
School Age$433.50$0$433.50

Enrollment fees are payable if a child is sick or on holidays.

Our Childcare Leadership Team

Cassidy Anderson

Cassidy Anderson

Director of Childcare & Little Village Preschool
Aruna Mehta

Aruna Mehta

Childcare Supervisor
Aman Dhaliwal

Aman Dhaliwal

Childcare Supervisor

What parents are saying about the HLV Childcare Centre

“I asked Nora on Saturday what special things she’d like to do on the weekend. Her response? ‘Go to preschool! (child care)’

Thanks for making her experience so positive!”

“Shammu is so friendly and has a positive attitude. Very kind and caring”

“Thank you for being so wonderful Manjula!”

“Manjula, you are so very kind & my child is learning to be kind like you.”

“Manpreet is always smiling and very helpful. She gives the best hugs!”

“It’s a great place! They feed them well, lots of crafts and learning, outside play, even in the winter!”

“I have been there for a tour in the past. It is a great place for kids, saw lots of crafts happening and the food is very good!”

“Our kids are at Harbour Landing Village. Nothing but good things to say! The teachers are so warm and loving. Great food, fun crafts, take safety seriously. Our kids love it”

“Thank you for all you’ve done this CRAZY year to keep everyone safe.”

“We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. Thank you all for the wonderful care you gave this past year!”

“Thank you for all you do for our son. For keeping us all safe and providing excellent and programming.”

“Thank-you so much for taking such good care of our daughter and teacher her so much!”

“The entire HLV Childcare Centre staff has been unbelievable since our boys joined a couple years ago. Always calm, patient, and understanding! Every day they seem to have the time of their lives. We are so happy with the decision to attend this centre.”

You guys rock and really make a great team together